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Towards Collective Mindfulness – Michael Pirson

Towards Collective Mindfulness – Michael PirsonThe world is full on complex problems, ranging from global warming to economic disparities, to ongoing ethnic conflicts. Michael reminded us that mindfulness approaches involve contemplative action, restoring harmony, and questioning status quo. Mindlessness approaches are easier and involves apathy and actionism, questioning harmony and resorting status More »

Mindfulness in Social Movements - Christina Flesher Fominaya

Mindfulness in Social Movements - Christina Flesher FominayaHow to collectives organize in moments of political change? Christina shared her ideas based on her studies of how autonomous networks organize around social change movements. More »

2018-2019 LILA Theme: Collective Mindfulness - Shaping the Human Systems in Organizations

Drawing on the fields of cognitive psychology, neurocognitive science, collective mind theory and organizational science we will explore questions such as what are the mechanisms that support collective mindfulness? How might we shape the social systems to create thriving ecologies? How might the macro and micro narratives come into conversation to further strategic paths? How can collective mindful organizing amplify the desired states? We will engage the theme through these three More »

Collective Mindfulness: Shaping the Human Systems in Organizations

Collective Mindfulness:  Shaping the Human Systems in OrganizationsLILA Theme for 2018-2019:  Collective Mindfulness:  Shaping the Human Systems in Organizations In dynamic environments, how might we create the conditions that improve the quality of interactions in order to nurture collective sensemaking and collective action?   What are the states of dynamic organizations as they evolve and change?   Exploring collective mindfulness—defined “as the collective capability to discern discriminatory detail about emerging issues and to act swiftly in response to these details (Weick, Vogus & Sutcliffe) might provide some answers.  This year, LILA turns its attention to understanding how to nourish the organization and the systems whose future we hope to shape.  Systems which are first and foremost human ones.  With this perspective, we take into account that a key to organizational change involves not only rethinking the shape of the organizational chart, or reimaging the spaces where we work, but also in tending to what makes us human: the personal, the aesthetic, the narrative, the emotional, and most crucially, the relational. To read the full theme description, click LILA More »

LILA 2018 Summit Animation: Emergence in Organizations

LILA 2018 Summit Animation:  Emergence in OrganizationsThis is the animation that reflects how the LILA community made sense of the theme of Emergence in Organizations: Shaping the Future as it Unfolds. To watch the animation click the play More »



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