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April 2014: Team Debrief and Feedback

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Day 1

What went well

  • Morning session experiment
  • Conversation was generative
  • Going around the room revealed common misunderstandings about the model
  • Energizing, depend understanding
  • People liked the 4Q’s, hadn’t understood them before, could bring back to CEO
  • Flipping learning round and cafe’s worked well
  • Katie’s framing was very helpful and integration of content pieces
  • Lisa did a good job of relating her topics to unlearning
  • Good momentum between ITC today and DDO coming tomorrow
  • Opportunity for Tamara to observe
  • Food was great

What to do differently

  • How to move the conversation to an organizational systems level
  • Would be good for Lisa to present some content upfront, variety in format
  • Should we show the video tomorrow?
  • Wonder if we need a video animation for this session or focus more on the Summit since this is the third session and we won’t get to show it as a group to remind us of where we have been?

Day 2

What went well

  • Using video before sensemaking worked well (although day 1 for priming works better)
  • Morning content went well, prompts, talking, surfaced lots of interesting ideas organically that Lisa used to leverage the content
  • Lisa managed to carry 2 1/2 hours and kept people engaged
  • Dave’s sensemaking was super strong again
  • Having a working relationship with Lisa came through in terms of her commitment to work with us
  • Great lunch
  • New voices were strong

What should we consider changing

  • Wonder about how we get people to more of a maker mindset rather than just conversational forum.  For example, group designs a DDO and comes back with an artifact especially for cafe’s.
  • Is there a way for us to facilitate or provide more structure for the conversations.  Should we provide the questions?  Should we provide a framework to use to structure conversation (for example, 4Qs or ITC model). Some questions are I don’t get it help me. Others are I get it and want to apply it.
  • Model for cafe may be: post it so that it can become a model.  Design a routine to achieve X.  Design a structure for OBT learning in an organization.  Maybe cafe met twice so they have two times to work on a product.
  • Is the name for the cafe be the right name?  Maybe Design Cafe or …..
  • What works well is the open entry points for people and the leadership within the community
  • Three types of cafe:  classic, design and XXX
  • Same voices seem to nominate topics
  • How else might we end the second day both in terms of something to replace the cafe and also for the circle.
  • Is there a way to bring up the energy at the end of the day.  Kelvy suggests maybe containing the cafes in one area. Product may energize it.  Make it fun.
  • Kelvy asks if there is a way to open up the space for more learning so others can learn how to scribe.  As a giving opportunity..  Sit in on LILA team’s debrief and sensemaking.Take notes during the cafe’s.  Dave says the symbolism is good.

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