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  1. Marga Biller

    April 2024 Member Call: FIVE STRATEGIES FOR LEARNING IN THE WORKPLACE by Chris Kayes

    Today's dynamic workforce demands a reevaluation of our approach to work, moving beyond performance metrics towards a culture of continuous learning. Within this framework, learning emerges as the cornerstone for shaping the future workforce, impacting organizational culture, management practices, and leadership development. Incorporating diverse learning methods can improve employees' resilience, foster personal growth, and enhance overall well-being. Thus, fostering a culture of learning not only enhances work effectiveness but also enriches individuals' professional lives.
  2. Marga Biller

    Would you trust and AI colleague?

    Anna-Sophie Ulfert-Bank's session centered on unraveling the complexities of trust within our human-AI collaborations. She shed light on the challenges and intricacies of defining and measuring trust in dynamic team settings, and shared her evolving research into the nature of trust within AI teams, considering factors ranging from technology to human dynamics and context.
  3. Marga Biller

    Leadership as Possibility-ship

    Dr. Nicolaides introduced the concept of “generative knowing,” defining it as away of being and becoming that creatively activates potential and restores many rhythms of learning. This concept can serve as a bridge to a fundamental query: Why are we continuing to meet the moment as if stability exists? This question emphasizes the importance of responding to complexity and creating conditions for emergence. This means not simply adapting to change or difference, but actively engaging with it.
  4. Marga Biller

    The Edge Game – Tima Bansal

    How do we solve the global crisis the our system is currently experiencing when we are not talking to each other?   In her insightful talk, Tima Bansal challenged traditional business paradigms and advocated for the adoption of systems thinking, which she deems increasingly pertinent.Tima underscored the adverse effects of uncertainty, cautioning organizations against the propensity for short-term solutions that undermine sustainability efforts.
  5. Marga Biller

    Past,Present and Future Orientation: Which is Best for Teams?

    As Mara Waller shared during the recent Harvard LILA gathering, a balanced time perspective (BTP) entails maintaining a balanced approach toward past, present, and  future temporal biases. BTP is associated with positive outcomes, including higher levels of well-being, mental health, cognitive functioning, and interpersonal relations. Within teams, individuals with BTP contribute to overall effectiveness.
  6. Marga Biller

    LILA Theme 2023-2024: Learning on the Edge

    “Learning on the Edge” will draw from the fields of sociology psychology, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, and educational theory to explore such questions as: How do we spot the “edge places” and know which are paths to push forward, vs. cliffs to step back from? What are the new ways of thinking about capability development that support learning on the edge? How can formal and informal learning structures evolve along specific business edges? How might learning amidst “edgy” uncertainty expand continuous improvement and improve engagement, productivity, and retention?

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