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  1. Marga Biller

    Sensemaking – A Primer

    What is Sensemaking? Sensemaking is the process where we try to understand novel, unexpected, or ambiguous events. It is conscious and intentional, creative and active; sensemaking is more about invention than discovery. Carl Weick, a foremost scholar in this field, says that sensemaking begins when you find yourself asking, “What’s the story?”
  2. Marga Biller

    Scaffolding Learning: Conceptualizing and measuring an organization that learns.

    "What does it look like when learning becomes an intentional part of the business strategy? People are aligned around a common vision. They sense and interpret their changing environment. They generate new knowledge which they use, in turn, to create innovative products and services to meet customer needs. We have identified seven action imperatives that characterize companies traveling toward this goal."
  3. Marga Biller

    Human and Artificial Cognition: Systems, Ecologies and Culture

    How is digital technology shifting the way that we learn within organizations?How do we prepare ourselves and our organizations in local and global ecologies of change? How do we act in that tension between current demands and future demands? How do we do significant cognitive work with sophisticated technologies? Dr. George Siemens points out that we are beginning to think with technology –it is more than a tool that we use, it is a tool that uses and shapes us. As we look towards the future of organizational performance, we need to consider technology agents in addition to human employees and participant
  4. Marga Biller

    Research suggests that work-relevant learning occurs largely on the job. However, in many situations workers do not learn nearly as much as they might. The "three stances" model helps to explain why. The stances model suggests ways to counter this tendency and enhance learning from work.
  5. Marga Biller

    2019-2020 LILA Ecologies of Learning in a Transforming World

    Learning ecologies offers a perspective on how organizations can develop new capabilities, organize work, and manage careers in order to take advantage of the new world order. The idea of a learning ecology recognizes that learning is unfolding all the time in complex ways, through peer relationships, networks, informal coaching, the way people interact in person and virtually, etc. which can be learning-synergistic or not. What people are learning includes not only particular skills and understandings that formal learning might target, but also the "hidden curriculum" – how to informally pick up on the patterns of survival and thriving within the organization.
  6. Marga Biller

    Feedback from Summit 2019

    What went well Two main speakers – practical applications, connections to collective mindfulness Lyndon’s P&P session to bring in a different context sparked good conversation Space worked well, sitting at tables Bringing people into the conversation about the ideas we have talked about at LILA Having the microphone available for people to offer comments People participated from the start   What to think about Sensemaking at towers after lunch to bring the communities voices into the conversation After table sensemaking ask for a few ideas from group before going to break Ask members to sit at different tables to mix...

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