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  1. Marga Biller

    September 2018 Member Call: Connecting to Challenges and Initiatives

    This is the summary of the first LILA member call for 2018-2019 focused on Collective Mindfulness. Shaping the Human Systems in Organizations: How do a group of people act as a collective and in a mindful way? As the members shared about their companies and the challenges they face, several themes arose around this year’s theme of Collective Mindfulness: Shaping the Human Systems in Organizations. Shaping the Human Systems in Organizations: How do a group of people act as a collective and in a mindful way? As the members shared about their companies and the challenges they face, several themes arose around this year’s theme of collective mindfulness.
  2. Marga Biller

    How Behavior Spreads: The Science of Complex Contagions by Damon Centola

    LILA guest speaker Damon Centola has published a new book about the ideas he shared at LILA. From the publisher: A new, counterintuitive theory for how social networks influence the spread of behavior New social movements, technologies, and public-health initiatives often struggle to take off, yet many diseases disperse rapidly without issue. Can the lessons learned from the viral diffusion of diseases be used to improve the spread of beneficial behaviors and innovations? In How Behavior Spreads, Damon Centola presents over a decade of original research examining how changes in societal behavior–in voting, health, technology, and finance—occur and the ways...
  3. Marga Biller

    2018-2019 LILA Theme: Collective Mindfulness – Shaping the Human Systems in Organizations

    Drawing on the fields of cognitive psychology, neurocognitive science, collective mind theory and organizational science we will explore questions such as what are the mechanisms that support collective mindfulness? How might we shape the social systems to create thriving ecologies? How might the macro and micro narratives come into conversation to further strategic paths? How can collective mindful organizing amplify the desired states? We will engage the theme through these three topics.
  4. Marga Biller

    Collective Mindfulness: Shaping the Human Systems in Organizations

    LILA Theme for 2018-2019:  Collective Mindfulness:  Shaping the Human Systems in Organizations In dynamic environments, how might we create the conditions that improve the quality of interactions in order to nurture collective sensemaking and collective action?   What are the states of dynamic organizations as they evolve and change?   Exploring collective mindfulness—defined “as the collective capability to discern discriminatory detail about emerging issues and to act swiftly in response to these details (Weick, Vogus & Sutcliffe) might provide some answers.  This year, LILA turns its attention to understanding how to nourish the organization and the systems whose future we hope to...
  5. Marga Biller

    2018 Feedback from Summit

    From Team What went well Reordering the agenda and putting small groups first then keynotes worked well. Energy levels were high all day. Participants were mixing well together Timing worked well, padding – allowing for transition times Food was delicious Animation allowed people to yield in to theme – coherent and synthesizing – providing good background for new people Flipchart with topic and room and signage on the rooms   What to consider for next year Reconfigure the opening to set a conceptual frame for the theme to anchor people into the conversation for the day Small groups could be...
  6. Marga Biller

    April 2018 Feedback

    From Team Day 1 What went well Both speakers were engaging They were committed to the group – in conversation with us rather than a show Members were engaged in the break out – practical group less theoretical (how do you identify and break patterns) More questions for the discussion groups Lots of post it notes Learning round for NASA was very productive.  Daniel thought it was poor – too many people and we didn’t really help them much. For Parexel, Michele reminded them about the content of the morning and suggest we might bring it into the conversation Engagement...
  7. Marga Biller

    Register now for the 12th Annual LILA Summit

    REGISTER FOR THE 12th ANNUAL LILA SUMMIT Wendy Smith (Learner School of Business) and Marina Gorbis (Institute for the Future) will be the keynote speakers at the 12th annual LILA Summit focused on Emergence in Organizations: Shaping the Future as it Unfolds. Wendy Smith will share some of her recent research about how leaders engage others in complex, paradoxical ideas through storytelling. She will explore why stories convey complex, paradoxical ideas like the notion of emergence and how to best tell stories. For the past five years, Marina Gorbis has been studying how a combination of technologies is transforming organizations and work. In her talk, she will share some of her most recent findings on the transformations in the world of work and new forms of value creation, as well as their implications for workers, managers, organizational leaders, and policymakers. In addition to the two keynote speakers, the Summit will feature small group conversations led by past faculty who will share their current research on topics related to the theme.

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