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LILA @20 in 2020 Summit: Ecologies of Learning Perspectives and Provocations

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This year, the Learning Innovations Laboratory (LILA) community has been exploring the theme of Ecologies of Learning which in hindsight seems to be particularly relevant theme given the crisis we all face. Learning Ecologies offers a perspective on how organizations can develop new capabilities, organize work, and manage careers in order to take advantage of the new world order. The idea of a learning ecology recognizes that learning is unfolding all the time in complex ways, through peer relationships, networks, informal coaching, the way people interact in person and virtually, etc. which can be learning-synergistic or not.  What people are learning includes not only particular skills and understandings that formal learning might target, but also the “hidden curriculum” – how to informally pick up on the patterns of survival and thriving within the organization.


Participants can view the description of the Perspectives and Provocation Session by clicking here prior to making your selection.

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