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Sensemaking – A Primer

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During the October gathering, the LILA community explored the current business context in a world where what we know is less important than how we are connected to ongoing knowing. Most importantly, it is a context where sensemaking, meaning making, and wayfinding become the primary knowledge activities. We must learn how to engage in ambiguous and unknown environments, which means that we engage in very different organizational learning practices. There were two conversational café’s that explored this reality – what should the role of the learning function be? and how do we convert “learning lakes” into “learning rivers?”  To gain a better understanding of sensemaking, we were joined on the call by Sally Maitlis, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

To read the summary of the presentation, click the link LILA on Sensemaking Summary

To listen to the audio recording, click LILA on Sensemaking audio recording

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