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LILA Theme 2023-2024: Learning on the Edge

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Learning on the Ege

The frontiers of change – political, social, technological- are “edge” places: places of both excitement and uncertainty, where the future becomes the present, for better or for worse. Organizations live on these edges daily: navigating the transitions emerging from Artificial Intelligence, remote work, digital transformation, social and environmental justice responsibilities, as well as edges that have yet to come into view. To do this strategically requires fostering a workforce that is continually learning. In fact, we could say that learning is the future of work.

“Learning on the Edge” will draw from the fields of sociology psychology, neuroscience, entrepreneurship, and educational theory to explore such questions as: How do we spot the “edge places” and know which are paths to push forward, vs. cliffs to step back from? What are the new ways of thinking about capability development that support learning on the edge? How can formal and informal learning structures evolve along specific business edges? How might learning amidst “edgy” uncertainty expand continuous improvement and improve engagement, productivity, and retention?

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