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  1. Sue Borchardt

    October 2015 Animation: Paradoxical Leadership

    This is the animation that synthesizes many of the ideas that LILA members discussed during the October 2015 session focused on Paradoxical Leadership. These include what is paradox, how can leaders navigate strategic paradoxes and what are some moves that can help individuals become aware and accept paradoxes in the service of both-and. Click more to go to the animation.
  2. Marga Biller

    Paradoxical Leadership Introduction by Dr. Wendy Smith

    Dr. Smith, who had spoken to LILA last year in a member call, framed her keynote presentation today around the question of “What is the nature of paradoxes?” She expressed that her goal for this talk was to provide us with level-setting language to inspire reflections, push-back, and questions over the course of this conference and beyond. Her follow-up talk tomorrow will focus on potential approaches we can apply to manage and leverage the paradoxes we face in our organizations and daily lives. She suggested that, over the next year, one possible measure of success we may want to use is to see if we can shift viewing our challenges from “problematic” to a “source of possibility.”
  3. Marga Biller

    The Competing Values Framework by Marc Lavine

    Marc Lavine shared some of the ideas regarding the Competing Values Framework (CVF) and how it can help us become better paradoxical leadears. The CVF makes visible a certain set of paradoxes. I hope you find the CVF useful; it was created by University of Michigan scholars Kim Cameron and Bob Quinn. You can view it as a tool or resource to use in your organization; that’s great. Or you can think more in general terms; this is one way that might inspire you to think of other ways. Or you can think of it as possibly the source of...

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