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Divide and Conquer: Case Study about LILA member Don McLauglin’s work at Cisco

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speaker_d_mclaughlinIt was the Great Recession, and Cisco Systems’ long run of
strong business results was in trouble. Sales were shrinking at
the data communications pioneer, and executives were keen to
cut costs. Out of the crisis emerged a new way of doing the
business of HR at Cisco. About two years ago, the company effectively
split human resources into tactical and strategic
wings. The move put the company at the forefront of HR design
and has yielded other significant benefits……It hasn’t been easy. The overhaul has required a new mindset
among both HR professionals and Cisco’s workforce of 75,000
people around the globe. And questions plagued the effort, especially
at the outset. “There was a lot of ‘FUD’ surrounding
this when we first started — fear, uncertainty and dread,” said
Don McLaughlin, vice president of employee experience at
Cisco and one of the architects of the shift.

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