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Dr. Jens Beckman shared his work on developing flexible expertise

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beckmanDr. Jens Beckmann is the Deputy Director of Research in the School of Education in Durham University in the UK, where he researches the assessment of intellectual abilities. He was previously the Director of the Accelerated Learning Laboratory (ALL) at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, where he was part of research team investigating the impact of a “2-year leadership training program for mid-level managers from large organizations” (Birney, Beckmann, & Wood, 2012, p. 573). This training program provided fertile ground for his study of cognitive flexibility, which can “broadly be defined as the ability to deal with novelty, adjust to changes, and to break out of routine ways of thinking when necessary” (Durham University, 2014). Beckmann’s work makes valuable contributions to our understanding of flexpertise, both via his conceptual work and his experience with leadership training.


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