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February 2014 Team Feedback

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Feedback Day 1

What went well

  • Good attendance
  • Topic is engaging
  • Translation from graphic workshop to doing it here was good
  • Things kept moving well, no lags
  • Content from speakers is really interesting and good juxtaposition
  • Things aren’t buttoned up right now which is good
  • People were talking about it and trying to make sense of the concepts
  • Members were making insightful, thoughtful comments
  • Food was great
  • Used video from past session in the opening section – got good feedback from members

Things to consider for tomorrow and next time

  • If the person who nominates the topic doesn’t go to café, a LILA member has to ask someone else  to frame it up once we sit down at the cafe’s or do the intro ourselves.
  • Made decision not to focus on unlearning.  Would be good to bring it back to make the connection of habits on unlearning.  Maybe Prompt for after sensemaking.
  • Could we have two prompts – one at beginning of event and one at end to bring back the unlearning theme.
  • How do we bring in an ongoing structure of connecting to unlearning.
  • Morning breakfast should be more substantial (frittata)


  • How can we set expectation that speakers should be participating in all activities not just the presentation?  Make sure it is clear at the outset when we invite them that this is a different type of event.  Ask Wendy to sit at the table with members tomorrow.  Gene did sit at table. Decoupled nominating a  topic for café from attending café –  did this impact group conversation?  May have been harder to get to the actual topic that people wanted to focus on
  • Should we focus / frame the last café specifically around a problem they want to solve through the content that was presented?
  • Lack of faculty involvement in the community
  • Some members felt energy was a bit flat
    • Liked having an unconventional activity:  question activity with Corky
    • Connecting topic back to the organization – wanted speakers to help do that
    • More constraints around table discussions:  prompt them for reflection at table
  • Habits as a topic wasn’t really mentioned during the learning round.  Is it the right way to think about them applying the new concepts or should we look for other ways to scaffold their learning (ie:  each of  you identify one habit in your organization, use these three criteria…..)

Team Feedback 2-6-14

  • Dave’s briefing was outstanding.  Captured ideas from last meeting and incorporated ideas and puzzles from this gathering.
  • So now what café where they talked about what are habits, forced them to internalize the definition.
  • Sensemakers rocked:  pattern recognition.
  • Less people left early
  • Topic today was concrete and people were saying that they could apply the ideas now.  They even wanted more time to work on the cafes.
  • Good bridge between today’s content and routine
  • Energy was up at the end
  • Walk to the café’s to debrief rather than having people come to the circle to do that
  • Quantity of take away and puzzles was high.  LILA members wrote post it notes
  • Good food

For next time

  • Remind David and Daniel to provide an inquiry if participation is low
  • Ask sensemakers to read examples of post it notes not just identify clusters to spark conversation


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