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February 2018 Debrief

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First day

What went well

  • Having the warm data lab provided a good experience for today.  A social opportunity to learn together.
  • The three faculty embody what they are talking about.  Integration of content by speakers.
  • Impressed with the group on how we work together.
  • Strong on coherence with the theme.  Big picture is in good focus.

What to consider to do differently

  • Tomorrow, think about how what does it look like in action even if it is only on an aspect of the whole thing.
  • How might we prompt conversations that help members understand – What can we do over time to engage with emergence rather than immediate actions?
  • How to bring in the micro moves?  Would we play it out scene by scene. Hone capacity to recognize pattern in the narrative.  In trios, 3-4 minutes to tell a brief, sequence of events form their organization.  Next person listens to transferring that story to another context. Next person tells it as an ancient fairy tale.  Can I listen to the pattern of the narrative themes, arrive at different stories, how do we know the story.  Look at the symmathesy map and pick a portion of it to tell the story.
  • Think about a time when you were part of an emergent situation.  Share it with someone.


Second day

What went well

  • The two experiences this morning were helpful and ones that people felt they could adapt.
  • The moves gave people confidence they could observe and try things.
  • Inquiry changed by some of the members.  This seemed to be a transformational session for them.
  • Food was great.
  • The modeling materials helped people get into the ideas in a different way.
  • Sensemaking conversation was a highlight- different texture.


What to consider changing

  • The debrief for symmathesy mapping needed to be focused on what we thought rather than output.
  • If we use the modeling material again, maybe consider not giving people a choice because it changes the dynamic.
  • Too many people left early.  Josh suggested he would raise it with members.
  • Sue mentioned that the closing protocol sometimes feels too abrupt.  Is there a different way to enter into the space or use to invite the wonder.  Sita felt differently that it forces a reflection that after such an experience feels important.  Its significant even if the responses voiced in the room are minimal.  May want to give people a moment to think quietly before we invite participation.  I used to think now I wonder….
  • For learning round write up, explore with the team first to see what doesn’t make sense that needs to be clarified.  Could we try to visually illustrate what the deeper structure is that is at play.


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