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Feedback February 2015

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Quick feedback end of day 1

  • Showing animation at the start of the day
  • Flow of day with presentation and opportunity to clarify ideas
  • Allow for more topics and then cull down

Team reflection day 1

What went well?

  • Having Maurizio be part of the cafe – provided new insights but didn’t dominate
  • Cafe process worked well, some felt constrained
    • when a person stated what they believed in strongly, (dc does not belong in…) prompted really good discussion

Think about?

  • Difference between provocation and just questions
  • Nominating process for cafe’s
    • Is there a way to get more nominated topics and streamline which ones get selected?
    • Brainstorm topics and do a quick vote
    • At tables nominate multiple topics
  • Debrief of cafes:  was brief but didn’t learn much about what people learned during the cafe.

Team Debrief Day 2

What went well?

  • Spontaneous shift of no cafe in the afternoon
  • Two speakers being so present and engaged with the group
  • Energizing to have people who are experiencing LILA for first time
  • Katie’s prefaces to speakers were right on, natural, specific
  • Park restaurant worked well – but consider if space will accommodate more members
  • David’s recap was performance art
  • Second day prompt for reflection is go back up to the theme of flexpertise at the group level.  What are you thinking about or what have you come to know.

Didn’t go as well

  • Suggestion by member to hand out note pages of Members who  presentations so they can take notes on them.
  • Food was not good quality
  • Loss of strong voices on day 2
  • Seemed like there were more first timers this event – may need more acculturation for them.
  • Very few people go to yoga.  Is there a different way to use the time. Should we extend lunch to give them additional time.


  • Members who haven’t showed up
  • Prompt members to think of questions they are interested in prior to the gathering:  maybe on the brief
  • Cafe debrief worked as designed but it was really short
  • Collect “buzz” ideas and make them visible throughout the session.   Think about whether we can identify what those might be for the next session
  • Work with speakers to generate the questions they will answer through their presentation and use them as hooks.
  • Try to have an interaction in each presentation.  Maybe tell them two 20 minute chunks with a 5 minute interaction  in between.
  • How to provide for “course correction” if members misunderstand the content.  How do we surface the misunderstandings by LILA members.  Give speakers a chance to address them.  Maybe touch base with each of the facilitators of the cafe’s and ask if there was anything in the cafe that got clarified that the larger group can benefit form hearing – especially if the speaker was in the group.
  • Speakers should look at puzzles on day 1 to check for misunderstandings.
  • The 5 big clarifications of day 1 as speaker opener on day 2
  • Should speakers do the sense making on day 2
  • Domino effect of questions for sense making on day 2
  • Idea into action as a theme

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