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Feedback from Summit 2019

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What went well

  • Two main speakers – practical applications, connections to collective mindfulness
  • Lyndon’s P&P session to bring in a different context sparked good conversation
  • Space worked well, sitting at tables
  • Bringing people into the conversation about the ideas we have talked about at LILA
  • Having the microphone available for people to offer comments
  • People participated from the start


What to think about

  • Sensemaking at towers after lunch to bring the communities voices into the conversation
  • After table sensemaking ask for a few ideas from group before going to break
  • Ask members to sit at different tables to mix with with new members
  • Maybe offer an emergent conversation cafe in the afternoon
  • Heavy cognitive load in the afternoon
  • P&P’s:  helping leaders bring back their research to the theme and to have an exchange of ideas rather than a “pitch.”  Having two people present created limited air time for members to speak.  Encourage thought provoking questions to drop in maybe half way thru like Michelle Barton did.
  • Offer more variety of food options.
  • How to finish:  prompt –
  • Last speaker should land it and connected to the theme
  • Fish bowl conversation with members to reflect at end
  • Have the last voice be a voice from the LILA Team that makes a  synthesis of the theme:  give people a frame to talk about to others.


From Members Day 2

Two stages to debrief, collect plus (things that stood out as particularly strong that we should do next year that supported your learning).  Delta (what might we consider doing differently next year for the summit.)  Goals for the summit are to probe the theme but include conversations with past members, faculty and potential new members to expand the conversation and support our learning.  (3 minutes in silence). Use individual stickies for each.  We will harvest them after.


  • Peter Gloor’s session:  enthusiastic presenter and good conversation.
  • Space, sitting at round tables was more interactive.
  • Variety of P&P’s.
  • Reflects what the experience of LILA is like to have it in this space.
  • Lisa’s brief helped me get grounded.
  • Sita’s depiction helps hold the ideas.
  • How timely everything went.
  • Providing 10 minute transition time into the agenda.
  • Having Michael and Michelle and Tima stay as they have been with LILA before helped learning.


  • Is there a way to introduce who is whom and where they are from at the Summit.
  • Make the point that we are not just academics.
  • Two keynote speakers try to pack in too much content.
  • Increase representation of industries.  Be more strategic on industries to bring into the conversation.
  • Presenters need to stay for the whole day.
  • More soak time:  cafe time.  Maybe one time when we don’t introduce P&P;s in the pm but rather cafes.
  • Could we more thoughtfully arrange people at tables so we have members and potential members and academics interacting at tables.
  • Dinner – can we invite new folks into the dinner for them to understand that the social connections matter.

Day 2 Team Debrief

What went well

  • Energy level was high
  • Timing went well
  • Structure worked well for smaller numbers
  • Move from circle to tables
  • Surrounded by artifacts captures the space
  • Insights from brief had a lot of traction
  • Making connections to previous ideas

What to do differently

  • Make more explicit about who gets invited to day 2 of Summit:  Is it just members or members and guests?
  • If there is a situation where new people come into day 2, lets do an orientation.
  • Welcome Reception:  do we keep it, how do we encourage people to come?  Guests invited?
  • Feedback to operations
    • A/C
    • Dividers don’t close all the way and you can hear noise
    • Doors don’t stay open.
    • Soft seating




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