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Links to Video Presentations for December 2022

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As you prepare for the Thanksgiving Holidays, perhaps you are looking for an interesting new series on Netflix or Hulu.  Look no further than the LILA You Tube channel.  Both presentations given by the guest faculty – Tim Cresswell and Antonio Di Masso are now available for prime time viewing.

We ask that you set aside the time to view the presentations prior to the December LILA gathering.  During the morning of the 7th, you will have the opportunity to  engage directly with the faculty to further explore the ideas they shared in their recorded presentations. Each presentation runs about 45 minutes.

Below are the links to the video presentations. The remainder of the materials for the gathering will be shared with you next week.

Tim Cresswell:  Placemaking and the Workplace

Andrés Di Masso Tarditti: Senses of Place Reconfigured &Making Places Attractive


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