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Member Feedback October 2014

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Karin Morrison: 

It was wonderful being back at LILA with you and the LILA team and participants. It was such an interesting event with such rich discussions and so much to think about and already I am connecting things I have learned with what I am doing in my work. I appreciate you try some experimental activities to support our learning. Thank you very much.

  • The Gists worked well and I think that as it becomes a routine, something  we use at different times, it will be very helpful in what we do in our own contexts.
  • I value the different strategies and structures that are introduced, revisited  and used at LILA gatherings. Flexibility in the ways we work and learn is practical, engaging and transferable to different situations.
  • I also really enjoy participation in LILA and the new learning and connections I make with so many different things, and the great group of people too.

Thank you very much. I know all this doesn’t happen by chance, it is the result of thought, conversations, exploring ideas, planning  and more by a great team. Thank you very much to you, David, Daniel, Amanda and all the others who work with you.

Pat Chu

  • I enjoyed the program more than the previous year.  I thought the topic was interesting and important.
  • I was happy to meet some new folks as well (Google, CIA and Deloitte). Using the Gists and “moves” models were a great way to frame the café discussions.

My delta:

  • Too many attendees leave early.  Perhaps we can find out their reasons (it seems to me the attendees should have committed to the time as published)… it the final café round (meaning one too many), the Perkins summation or the “round table” closing that they don’t care for?  Does this mean the session should end at noon?

Joe Gibbons


  • Erik Dane was great – engaging, approachable, etc.
  • Highly interactive
  • Real opportunities to apply learnings
  • Ample reflection time
  • Time for networking and/or catching up on e-mail, etc.
  • Really like the interactive graphic representations


Consider Changing or Improving:

  • The gists and moves were useful – perhaps needed a bit more positioning to be of more use
  • Jens Day Two piece seemed to be too lecture-heavy and dragged a bit – useful informant, but low energy

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