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October 2016 Event Feedback

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  • Day 1 Want well wellLearning round format seemed generative, smaller groups
    Juxtaposition of content – high level and to the point
    Mary Ann making connections to Michael’s work and challenges
    Teresa postulated a question directly relevant to Mary Ann’s content
    More to hold on to that typically in October
    The first report out of why they are here worked well
    The tweets were substantial and brief
    The retrospective on themes and how this theme came about
    Food was fantastic
    Interest around the cards
    The oversized post it notes worked well

    Think about
    Is the template for the cards the right one
    In learning round making sure the question we answer is thought through and what they want from the learning round.
    If Michael presents a lot of content again after 25 minutes press pause and create a moment of reflection
    Create a moment to focus on tool creation.  Can the actions be mined for tools.
    How to reconnect back to the theme in the afternoon.
    Make sure the learning round questions are authentic questions that will lead to compelling question.  Tweak format.


Day 2 Team Debrief

What went well

  • Having Mary Ann and Michael review the last part of her presentation from day before.  Spiral structure
  • People seemed into it.
  • Tolerant of abstract level of content
  • Small group conversations were deeper and ore engaging that useful.
    • Two tool based questions.
    • Somewhat disconnected from the content – more bullet list than tool – like
    • Conversational moves helped to get conversation back on track.
  • People moved chairs on their own
  • Heard many voices during morning sense making.
  • Help prepare the speakers by sending the specific questions that members will be interested in.
  • People liked the cards.  Sent a set with Josh and Michelle who want to experiment with them in their organizations.  Have a conversation as a team about where to go.
  • Rapid documentation. Check printer quality.


Do Differently

  • Remind them to read a few of the items on the post it notes when doing the morning sensemaking as examples.
  • Remind them to use the gist stickers especially new people.
  • Should we be more definite to reflect.  Then tell them about next step.  Like break or lunch.
  • Push for interaction on day 2 and less new content from speakers.
  • How do we rapidly change speakers belief and behaviors before they integrate into LILA?
  • What could we do on day 2 so that speakers would not do another presentation.  Rather go to slide with prepared questions.  Or encapsulated content rather than a 45 minute presentation of more new content.  Could it be based on the puzzles from day 1, review day 1 then Q and A.

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