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October 2017 -Unlearning for Emergence in Organizations: Faculty

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Professor Donald MacLean lives in Connel, near Oban in the Scottish Highlands. He combines research at the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School with commercial activities throughout the Highlands and Islands.

As a key member of the Institute of Directors’ development team in the Highlands and Islands, he has worked on strategy and development with scores of businesses in the region. In his academic work he has published extensively on strategy and creative action internationally and has been researching strategy and emergence for more than two decades. He holds a range of consultancy and board roles and is co-founder of StrategyStory ( He chairs SRSL Ltd ( the commercial arm of SAMS, the Argyll-based marine laboratory and chairs the steering group for the development of Oban as a university town.

His latest book, “Strategic Management: Strategists at work” is aimed primarily at practitioners and introduces to an international audience some of the distinctive aspects of strategy and leadership viewed from the perspective of paradox and emergence.

Benyamin Lichtenstein, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management at University of Massachusetts, Boston, and a faculty member in the Organizations and Social Change group. His research specialty is the study of emergence, the creation and re-creation of new ventures, organizations, and collaborations; he also is an expert of complexity science and how it can be applied to sustainability issues. He has published four books and more than 50 articles and chapters in internationally recognized journals. Professor Lichtenstein is Academic Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at U-Mass Boston; he is a Research Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Enterprise, and is a Senior Fellow at the Center for Social Policy in the McCormick School of Public Policy.

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