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October 2018: Member Feedback

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Dear LILA Community


It was great to see all of you at the first session of the year for LILA.  The LILA team is assembling all the materials that were created as part of the gathering  and will be sharing them with you in the upcoming weeks.  In the meantime, we ask that you take a few moments to provide us your thoughts regarding the gathering.  Particularly, let us know:


  • What did you of find most interesting?
  • What feedback do you have about the ways in which we support your learning including:
    • the briefing document:  how did the brief help you prepare for the gathering?
      I very much enjoy the briefings and find that they help put a foot hold on the content we are going to focus on for the session.  I also find it a great way to learn about the perspective that each speaker holds as they come into the LILA gathering.
    • rapid documentation and stickers:  is it important to have them at the end of the gathering? Yes, I review these notes on my home as way to connect with the notes I have personally captured.  I also like to have the stickers as a quick visual of key points.
    • large group presentations by invited faculty:  what specific ideas were intriguing?  I was intrigued that “Values” became a core element of the two day discussion.  I did not expect that to play into the topic.
    • small group discussion groups
    • learning round:  new format for the write up – I am not sure I noticed a different in the format of the write up.  I did like addressing the learning round as a full group instead of splitting into two.
    • networking opportunities – I did not join the dinner but did attend the welcome reception.  As an introvert I always have to push myself to take advantage of networking opportunities.
  • What specific idea from the gathering are you hoping to try out in your organization?  I am in process of summarizing my notes to send out to the leadership team.  I like that I came back with a new set of questions to use specifically around values.
  • What would you suggest we consider changing when designing future gatherings?  Nothing I can think of right now.


A special request – this gathering we experimented with the LILA pads as a way to deepen the sensemaking that we do both individually and as a community.  In what way did the LILA pads enhance the way you come to understand the theme and help you identify specific actions you might take within our organization?  What changes would you like to see in the way we utilize the LILA pads?  I really liked the LILA pads.  I thought the discussion was good and gave us an opportunity to unpack what we were hearing and learning in a conversational setting.



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