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Team Feedback for February 2019

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Day 1

What went well?

  • Davide and Shelley material was well integrated and built on each other.
  • Set up of the day’s session:  precise and concrete.  Bringing home the takeaways from before and this session.  Made the conversation by the community more precise.
  • Didn’t feel small, felt intimate
  • Sita’s graphics were powerful.
  • People quoted from the brief.
  • Nice that the speakers came up with provocations at the end of their presentations. Could we leave enough time to discuss them?

What to change for tomorrow?

  • Distance of the tables made the room feel a bit empty.  Get rid of one table.
  • Hard to hear use the microphone
  • Is there a quick process at the end of the first session to go into the pad – not wait until after the second presentation.
  • Find comfy chairs for set up of pads.
  • Move the pads closer to the tables – in the “presentation” room.

Day 2

What went well?

  • Reset of the environment – move pads into the room near the tables, people sat in their pads for the entire day.
  • Wrap up in the middle room
  • Speaker presentations were clear, grounded in real world examples, graphics that show interrelationships between the concepts they are presenting, frameworks, call out to the universality of the phenomena, connection between speaker content if they see it
  • Speakers were part of the community, happy to be here, learning mode
  • Addition of a non-member was a value add.
  • Individually write down some IPA’s before going to the pad


Do differently?

  • Not so many connections to the mindfulness theme directly even though there was interest in the topic of identity.
  • Conversations David was in were rather chaotic except the one at the end that were about seables and doables. Do we need to have an organizing principle for each of the pad meetings. For example, pick one or two insights and talk about them?


  • What could a loose structure look like for the pad discussions?
  • Insert a new pad time on day 1 after first speaker.
  • A wonder about involving the speakers in the pads.
  • Second day pad had a lot of stickies so making sense of them was difficult.
  • Why Pads:  could it be more productive in processing and yield of post its.
  • How to process what is up on the post its.
    • Each person share one thing (Teresa’s move)
    • What is the prime value of the time together:  social and/or content. The space in October was more of a container that prompted more social connections.
  • Lunch as part of the design:  set up a long table with a tablecloth

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