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Team Feedback October 2014

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What went well

  • Passion in cafes
  • Gists
  • Speakers were well prepared


  • Use of the throughlines:  is it too many competing structures on the table now?  Should we use them at the next meeting?  Dave will think about it.
  • Gists
    • will people produce integrative gists rather than collections
    • Will people produce personalized gists that apply to them in their organizations or general ones
    • Journals weren’t formally introduced. Is there a time for the group to talk about journaling and capturing gists.  Can we get input from members on what would be helpful.
    • How can we use the brief more in the two day gathering?
      • Knowledge wall with a visual representation of the brief that is in the room when they get here.
      • Fast process at the beginning to make connections to the brief.  Ask people to prep for this:  Bring a post it with your favorite idea from the brief.

Day 2:

What went well

  • Speakers:  framing of content, storytelling, interactive,
  • Real time printing of documentation.
  • Stickers:  members want them so they can print out themselves.
  • Gist experiment: generative
  • Format for small conversation worked well
  • Quick harvesting of topics and 5 topics for each cafe
  • Strong voices in the group
  • Using what brought me to the content by Katie to introduce speakers
  • Blending reflection and break instructions together


  1. Team should prompt speaker with questions when presentation isn’t as coherent to keep it on track.
  2. How to bring in content from brief into conversation in the gathering:  Activity that reinforces the brief.  Show an image and have people connect to ideas in the brief.
  3. Creating a narrative with gists.
  4. Some confusion about when and how to use the moves in cafes:  remind participants of process, one short story from several participants.  Can start with either puzzle or point of view or story.  Natural moves.
  5. How can we go meta this year:  can we do something different this year since we are talking about entrenchment?
  6. What to do if the answers for the cafe’s doesn’t really get at the deep concern that the question raised initially?
  7. Better process for providing the “gist” of the cafe:  talk, produce, talk, produce…..Have them document the conversation.  Reinforce graphic facilitation.  Can we provide a template for report out that they use and post them so people can engage with it during breaks.  Is there a thinking routine we can use.
  8. How do we invite the mapping portion of the gists rather capturing lists?
  9. How do we create narrative:  take a panel on paper on a wall, prompted with questions, work on them with a sharing process – how am I framing it?  Could we take a narrative approach: ask 4-5 people to  what does it mean to track their learning over time.  What are some good practices for the community?
  10. Try out poll everywhere at next gathering especially on the graphics to see where the energy of members lies.
  11. Ask Sue to share the  narrative “;lecturette”.




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