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LILA faculty for April 2018 gathering: Tensions of Leadership for Emergence

LILA faculty for April 2018 gathering: Tensions of Leadership for EmergenceGuest Faculty Mary Waller and Jim Hazy who will join the LILA community for the April 2018 gathering. Mary is currently Professor of Management at the Neely School of Business at Texas Christian University. Jim Hazy is a Professor at Adelphi University with thirteen years of academic experience is research and More »

"Experiencing emergence, emerging experience" - Donald MacLean

Every emergent system, whether it be musical improv or dance, has a discipline. The discipline is critically important, it defines the process of how we craft our plan for interaction, the reality of the activity, how we experiment, and then how we make sense of that experimentation. We felt this in our opening activity! Along the we each person receives feedback. Negative feedback is information that drives a system back to a predetermined state. Positive feedback drives a system forward, away from predetermined states. In many ways this is how we manage the More »

Leadership of emergence: How to generate new order?

Leadership of emergence: How to generate new order?Benyamin provoked us to consider four phases that occur when we create the conditions of emergence, each with leadership More »

Poeisis & Squirrels: How Leaders bring new forms into being. Donald MacLean

Poeisis & Squirrels: How Leaders bring new forms into being. Donald MacLeanDonald noted that there are three areas that focus on the micro-level of emergence: at the people level. Reframing order-generating rules: This can be business related rules and/or cultural rules. Creating far-from-equilibrium conditions Managing positive More »

2017 LILA Theme Announced: Emergence In Organizations

2017 LILA Theme Announced:  Emergence In OrganizationsWe live in a transformative time—one where old paradigms no longer help us solve the challenges we face and where new ways have not fully evolved. There is much we do not know about how to perceive, understand, and approach the issues we face. In past years, LILA has embraced themes addressing this dilemma, such as Unlearning, Managing Complexity, and Adaptive Cultures. For the coming year, we outline another such theme, one that directly engages organizational structure, structuring, and practices in the context of continuous change and distributed activity: Emergence in Organizations. More »



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