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November 17, 2016 Member Call Mats Alveson

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Mats Alvesson: Identity Regulation as Organizational Control Identity_Regulation_as_Organizational_Co.pdf This paper takes the regulation of identity as a focus for examining organizational control. It considers how employees are enjoined to develop self-images and work orientations that are deemed congruent with managerially defined objectives. This focus on identity extends and deepens themes developed within other analyses of normative control. Empirical materials are deployed to illustrate how managerial intervention operates, more or less intentionally and in/effectively, to influence employees' self -constructions in terms of coherence, distinctiveness and commitment. The processual nature of such control is emphasized, arguing that it exists in tension with other intra and extra-organizational claims upon employees’ sense of identity in a way that can open a space for forms of micro-emancipation. November 17, 2016 1:25 pm

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  1. Marga Biller

    Changing Organizational Culture is Hard! by Mats Alvesson

    Based around a case-study, Mats shared the findings regarding the reality of organizational change. From planning and inception to project management and engagement, the explored the views and reactions of various stakeholders undergoing real life change processes. Drawing on theories of organizational culture, Mats helped us to understand how organizations can promote change without alienating the people needed to implement it.
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Mats Alvesson

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