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Becoming Collectively Mindful

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When struggling to gain collective mindfulness in your organization, it could be useful to examine the role of collective identity in supporting or undermining collective mindfulness.  You may find that, even though a clear purpose and goal have been set forth, there are still pockets of the organization that are not moving forward in a collective way. Is it due to a weak collective identity, or maybe to a strong collective identity that overrides collective mindfulness?

Collective identity can enable and an inhibitor to collective mindfulness; a weak identity could inhibit Collective Mindfulness but a strong identity can enable OR inhibit it.  Some groups have a set collective identity based on ideals toward which they are working, which is automatically assumed by those joining the group. Other groups navigate the creation of their own collective identity.  A weakening in one collective identity may result in the strengthening of multiple polarized collective identities.  Being intentional is about being purposeful; mindfulness is purpose.

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