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  1. Marga Biller

    April 2016 Animation: Paradoxes of Learning and Performance

    This animation represents the sensemaking by the LILA community based on the ideas shared by guest speakers Jennifer Garvey-Berger and Chris Kayes. To continue the conversation, add a comment after viewing this animation. 1. What idea(s) sparked your interest? 2. How did it enhance your thinking? 3. What might you try based on the ideas?
  2. Sue Borchardt

    October 2015 Animation: Paradoxical Leadership

    This is the animation that synthesizes many of the ideas that LILA members discussed during the October 2015 session focused on Paradoxical Leadership. These include what is paradox, how can leaders navigate strategic paradoxes and what are some moves that can help individuals become aware and accept paradoxes in the service of both-and. Click more to go to the animation.

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