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Join us for the 13th Annual LILA Summit with Rob Cross and Ryan Quinn

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This has been another intriguing year at LILA as we have taken on the theme of Collective Mindfulness:  Shaping the Human Systems in Organizations. I hope that you will join us at this year’s LILA Summit on June 12th in Cambridge where the two keynote speakers are Rob Cross and Ryan Quinn.  They will be joined by six past LILA faculty who will share their latest research with participants during small group conversations. In these sessions, you will have an opportunity to exchange ideas on how the research can inform your individual and organizational practices.  The Summit is also a great occasion to meet and interact with the broader LILA community, including faculty, researchers, and current and past members, and to get a better sense as to who we are as a learning community and what you might experience as a member.  Participation in the Summit is limited. If you are interested, please email

To give you a sense of what we have been learning this year, I’d like to share a few blog post highlighting key insights which can provide ways of advancing your own initiatives.  Click on any of the questions below to find out more.


I would welcome the opportunity to reconnect with you to learn more about what you have been focusing on.  Let me know what suits your schedule so we can set aside time for a conversation prior to the Summit.


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