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Journal of Workplace Learning Publishes LILA Research on Informal Learning Conversations

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UntitledDaniel Wilson and Kyle Hartung’s article about informal learning conversations was published in the Journal of Workplace Learning in October 2015.

Informal learning conversations with colleagues is a powerful yet understudied source of self-directed, professional development. This study investigated the types of learning 79 leaders from 22 organizations reported they learned from 44 peer-led conversations over a two-year period. Survey data suggests empirical evidence of five learning outcomes – informational, conceptual, operational, reflective, and social learning. The study describes these categories, the overall distribution of these types of learning in the community, and how most conversations were 'rich' in a particular outcome. It concludes with possible explanations for these patterns as well as potential lines for future research.

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    1. Robert Yeo

      March 20, 2017

      Great article, the stages of learning or learning groups/culture will very much be linked to the individual’s life journey – time and space.

    2. Teresa Roche

      April 27, 2016

      This article is outstanding and I greatly appreciated reading it. Thank YOU!

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