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June 2017 Member Appreciations

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What do we want to honor for the time we spent together at LILA. What did we appreciated from others in the room during the year?

  • Teresa – I deeply appreciated the level of consciousness and mindfulness with which the LILA team puts together these gatherings, transfer of ideas and individual needs.
  • David – The connection we make to one another really make me feel that I can call anyone and get some support.
  • Christine:  Presence and vulnerabilities to share challenges.  Members don’t seem distracted when we are together.
  • Elizabeth – a cultural fit here to learn and say things that aren’t well formed or “out of the traditional way” without feeling like it will fall flat.
  • Anita – the way that ideas from the past are kept alive and in play.  Constant re-sparking and reconnecting so for us who weren’t at the session, we can learn.
  • Nicole – intellectual challenge that every session offers me. Its like a deep workout at the gym.  She is grateful for the space that we allow for reflections.
  • Michele:  I reflect with others so I really appreciate engaging with others when I am having trouble with an idea or concept.
  • Tationna – connections and networking with others to welcome me and help me understand how the process works.
  • Sue:  An intellectual playground, in Sanskrit it means to play. Matters to me because the theories and models are a toy for me to play with and a community to do this with.
  • Daniel:  With all the other commitments we have in our lives, to carve out sacred time without the full obligation of it being baked in, I appreciate the real difficulties in getting here but then to sit with each other.

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