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“There is in all visible things..a hidden wholeness” Thomas Merton

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beavercreek3In a recent post by Parker Palmer, a contributor to the program On Being, he talks about the paradoxes he sees in Autumn.  It is an inspirational piece that urges us to think about the paradoxes we see around us during this season.  For example, it is a season of “dying and seeding”.  He continues…

“In a paradox, opposites do not negate each other; they cohere in mysterious unity at the heart of reality. Deeper still, they need each other for health, as my body needs to breathe in as well as breathe out. But in a culture that prefers the ease of either-or thinking to the complexities of paradox, we have a hard time holding opposites together. We want light without darkness, the glories of spring and summer without the demands of autumn and winter, and the Faustian bargains we make fail to sustain our lives.”

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  1. Teresa Roche

    October 24, 2015

    Marga, this post is simply stunning and I so appreciated reading it on this beautiful fall morning in Colorado. The October session was powerful and I am so grateful.

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