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  1. Sue Borchardt

    February 2013: Tomorrow’s Learning Workers Animation

    To play the video, click view and then the play button. During the February 2013 gathering, Christine Porath from Georgetown shared her thinking and research on what does it mean to thrive at work in order to create sustainable performance? She shared that her personal journey in her first job was working in a toxic culture and what she learned that those early experiences strongly shape the way we learn and develop in the workplace — do we stay and thrive? stay and whither? Leave for greener pastures? Stanford's Byron Reeves shared his thinking and research on "total engagement" and the role that games do and could play to foster engagement in the workplace. He's been interested in what can we steal about what we know about how the brain activates engagement and motivation and drop them into workplace context to improve engagement. He isn't taking an anthropological point of view, but a micro, neuroscience point of view as a media psychologist.
  2. Designing for Total Engagement

    Byron Reeves commented that rather than learning for desired performances, organizations are refocusing on when desired performances are happening (executing successful missions, effective problem solving, etc,) what learning is happening in action.

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