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  1. Marga Biller

    February 2014 Member Feedback

    Josh Alwitt The session was enjoyable and I had some good takeaways from the discussion that I think could help me in my work here.  The LILA format continues to have tremendous potential for sparking breakthrough thinking in the adult learning field.  It’s clear how much effort the LILA team puts into these sessions and the vetting of speakers and participants must be difficult work.  It was my 14th gathering and I would say it ranked towards the lower end when I look back.  The energy seemed a little flat and here are some thoughts on why that might be:...
  2. Marga Biller

    February 2014 Team Feedback

    Feedback Day 1 What went well Good attendance Topic is engaging Translation from graphic workshop to doing it here was good Things kept moving well, no lags Content from speakers is really interesting and good juxtaposition Things aren’t buttoned up right now which is good People were talking about it and trying to make sense of the concepts Members were making insightful, thoughtful comments Food was great Used video from past session in the opening section – got good feedback from members Things to consider for tomorrow and next time If the person who nominates the topic doesn’t go to...

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