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  1. Marga Biller

    October 2016 Event Feedback

    Day 1 Want well wellLearning round format seemed generative, smaller groups Juxtaposition of content – high level and to the point Mary Ann making connections to Michael’s work and challenges Teresa postulated a question directly relevant to Mary Ann’s content More to hold on to that typically in October The first report out of why they are here worked well The tweets were substantial and brief The retrospective on themes and how this theme came about Food was fantastic Interest around the cards The oversized post it notes worked well Think about Is the template for the cards the right...
  2. Marga Biller

    October 2015 Feedback

    Team What went well The energy of newbies Good voices Logistics felt seamless The opening by Daniel Wendy’s presentation was clarifying and experiential Felt very familiar to other LILA events Simplification of Gists worked well DIGS – using the Gists worked well, lots of connections to conetent The sharing of challenges by participants in opening frame Note taker and facilitator in small groups Time management went well Consider changes Blank name tag Have less content on presenters slides Consider not starting with actions Invite Teresa Inviting Marc and Wendy to respond to some questions – in dialogue How to use...
  3. Marga Biller

    June 2015 Feedback

      MEMBER on day 2 What went well Fran:  Presentations were excellent, presented frameworks, wove in themes from the year, integrated insights from the day Albert:  Summary briefs for the year were very well written, connect dots, cite references which provides residual value Albert:  David’s summary and triangulation which provides insights and refreshing views on connections of key concepts TJ had doubts until David spoke about what flexpertise was.  Leveraging lateral potential really landed it for him. Laurent:  Such a complex theme. Speakers were well selected, choice of breakouts was hard to make.  Lucy:  Have alumn come back to reconnect Alana: ...
  4. Marga Biller

    Team Feedback April 2015

    April 22 2015 What worked well Pacing – no slippage of time Good to have only 5 tables – fuller Great attendance Mary’s content had a lot of overlay – deep dive and connections to Ed’s content Generative discussion on Mary’s content A lot of connection cafe topics, harvesting worked well.  Dave prompted them to talk in pairs or tables to generate topics Energy was high Ed clarified something he heard in the room before the conversation cafe – remember to prompt speakers 3 people commented on the video – were not present in February Daniel’s framing and connection to...
  5. Marga Biller

    Feedback February 2015

    Quick feedback end of day 1 Showing animation at the start of the day Flow of day with presentation and opportunity to clarify ideas Allow for more topics and then cull down Team reflection day 1 What went well? Having Maurizio be part of the cafe – provided new insights but didn’t dominate Cafe process worked well, some felt constrained when a person stated what they believed in strongly, (dc does not belong in…) prompted really good discussion Think about? Difference between provocation and just questions Nominating process for cafe’s Is there a way to get more nominated topics and...
  6. Marga Biller

    Member Feedback October 2014

    Karin Morrison:  It was wonderful being back at LILA with you and the LILA team and participants. It was such an interesting event with such rich discussions and so much to think about and already I am connecting things I have learned with what I am doing in my work. I appreciate you try some experimental activities to support our learning. Thank you very much. The Gists worked well and I think that as it becomes a routine, something  we use at different times, it will be very helpful in what we do in our own contexts. I value the...
  7. Marga Biller

    Team Feedback October 2014

    What went well Passion in cafes Gists Speakers were well prepared Puzzles Use of the throughlines:  is it too many competing structures on the table now?  Should we use them at the next meeting?  Dave will think about it. Gists will people produce integrative gists rather than collections Will people produce personalized gists that apply to them in their organizations or general ones Journals weren’t formally introduced. Is there a time for the group to talk about journaling and capturing gists.  Can we get input from members on what would be helpful. How can we use the brief more in...
  8. Marga Biller

    April 2014 Member Feedback

    Laurent Bernard:   thought the experiment was a good one.  As you observed , the main question that the team has in minds is : how do I apply and can transfer insights in a practical way.  In my group ; we could have been a bit more disciplined in the exercise which would have enabled better outcomes – we spent some time to select which case is the best.  May be one idea is to create an Alpha company that would serve for the business case ? not too many data but each group working on the same Alpha this...
  9. Marga Biller

    April 2014: Team Debrief and Feedback

    Day 1 What went well Morning session experiment Conversation was generative Going around the room revealed common misunderstandings about the model Energizing, depend understanding People liked the 4Q’s, hadn’t understood them before, could bring back to CEO Flipping learning round and cafe’s worked well Katie’s framing was very helpful and integration of content pieces Lisa did a good job of relating her topics to unlearning Good momentum between ITC today and DDO coming tomorrow Opportunity for Tamara to observe Food was great What to do differently How to move the conversation to an organizational systems level Would be good for...

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