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  1. Habits in Everyday Life

    Wendy Wood from USC joined LILA to share the research she does on habits -- what they are, how they can be aligned/misaligned with intentions, and how habits often override intentions (for better of worse). She set the table by suggested that habits are part our multiple selves, specifically part of our automatic self.That is the self that is guided by cation cues (like seeing a pot of coffee). This self is less conscious, not easily verbalize what we are doing, and changes slowly with experience. The automatic or "habitual self" is different from the "intentional self", which is guided by attitudes, goals, values. This self is more conscious, can verbalize, and can change quickly with decisions.
  2. Marga Biller

    Challenges of Unlearning

    David Perkins shared some of his thinking about some of the challenges of unlearning. There are many ways to dig into the topic so he invited us to consider what is the big picture about this year’s theme in three ways: Defining Unlearning: Broadly speaking we can think of it as interfering with prior learning. Lots of learning builds on prior knowledge and beliefs. But there are other situations in which prior habits, mindsets, or systems are obstacles. A second point is that unlearning may not be the best term because you don’t really erase something, you typically bracket or...

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